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What Should I Wear for a Maternity Photo Shoot?

A maternity session is a beautiful way to capture your journey into motherhood and celebrate this beautiful season. Whether you are a soon-to-be first time mom eagerly awaiting the arrival of your first little one or a seasoned mom of multiple kids, choosing the perfect outfit is key to ensuring your photos are stunning and timeless. In this guide, we’ll walk through some tips and ideas for choosing the perfect outfit for your maternity photos.

Comfort: During pregnancy, especially towards the end when we’re taking photos, comfort is definitely a priority. You want to feel beautiful, but you also do not want to be constricted in any way. Opt for clothing that moves freely: flowy dresses, stretchy fabrics, and loose tops are great choices that will keep you feeling comfortable and confident throughout our session.

Embrace Your Bump: Choose outfits that accentuate your pregnant silhouette rather than hiding it. The whole point of having maternity photos taken is to truly remember this season and one of the most beautiful aspects is your adorable baby bump!

Choose Soft, Neutral Colors: Soft, neutral colors like pastels, creams, and earth tones are timeless and photography beautifully. They also have a softening effect, which helps create that dreamy, ethereal look my photos are known for. That being said, don’t be afraid to add some personality, flowers, jewelry, and location are a great way to make your photos feel unique to you and your family!

Consider the Location: Really think through the location of your maternity session when choosing your outfit. If you’re planning for an Austin Texas Maternity session outdoors, flowy dresses compliment the surroundings perfectly. For an indoor shoot, I love a neutral dress or open buttoned down with jeans!

In the end, the goal is to choose something you feel confident and beautiful in!

Still struggling with how to dress for your maternity session? Or maybe feeling a bit stressed by the price tags on a beautiful dress you may only wear once or twice? Bailey Jack Photography maternity sessions include complimentary access to my client closet, which is filled with beautiful dresses and outfits that truly complement every form!





What Should I Wear for a Maternity Photo Shoot?

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